Undisan Village is located in the district Tembuku , Bangli , Bali . The location of Undisan village is in a unique area, which is between two hills, namely Bukit Puncak Kaja (North), and Bukit Puncak Kelod (South). There is also a big banyan tree which is located in the roadside town of Bangli to Besakih Temple that crosses this village.

Undisan Village can be reached within one and a half hour by car from Denpasar. We are able to witness firsthand the way of making gold or silver jewelry typical of village. Besides, around the village there is a very wide and beautiful expanse of rice fields. A mix between mountains, forests and rice fields make this area suitable to serve as a new tourist attraction in the eastern of Bali.

Our Activities

Balinese Cooking class

Your day starts with visiting a traditional market. There you will find the ingredients for your cooking. Upon your arrival at a traditional house at Undisan village in Bangli you will be warmly welcomed by your local host who will guide you into the secrets of authentic Balinese dishes.

The tour will follow with enjoying your own cooked lunch. You are also invited to learn a typical Balinese activity, making the Canang offerings.

Balinese Dance class
We will provide the simple Balinese Attire. Our Dance instructor will assist you to wear it. Accompanied by simple live Gamelan music, you will learn some dance movement with the help of our Guru. Mineral water will be served during the class.
Balinese Gamelan class

We will provide the simple Balinese Attire. Our Gamelan instructor will assist you to wear it. You will be guided through the basic steps to play the Indonesian xylophone called Gamelan. Mineral water will be served during the class.

Eco Cycling tour

We then ride through the pine forest, then follow a little road in the green environment. We will then stop at Kemukus Village to see a craft blacksmith. We will follow by going through Penaga Landih then visit Tinggas Village to see the process of handmade Dulang for offerings. Our trip will continue with a visit to Manik Aji Village, Peninjoan and Tabunan Sekaan Undisan Kaja passing through behind De Umah Bali, our traditional complex of Balinese houses. Our cycling tour will finish at Undisan village and enjoy lunch at Padi Restaurant with rice field view.

Herbal Plants Trekking

Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history and in rural Indonesia this activity is still widely practiced today.

Our local guide will accompany you to explore some of herbal plants that grow around the village.

You will learn to find and recognize some type of the plants and learn about their properties and their use as medicine.

Kite making class

We will assist the children showing how to build a simple, easy-to-make kite and learn to fly it around the fields. Paper kites making is a great experience for kids!

Rural Balinese life

You will be welcomed by a local who will guide you to visit elementary school, walking through the inner side of the village. Arriving at the rice field area you will start to explore and perceives life as a Balinese traditional farmer, how to plow the rice in the traditional way.

You will learn to work the land using a pair of cow buffalos and plant the rice sprouts which needs a balancing movement. A fresh young coconut drink and lunch in the hut in the middle of the rice fields will follow. We will continue with a mellow trekking around rice fields, visit Dalem Temple, the temple of God Shiva, go to the Waterfall, visit a silver and gold smith homemade jewelry production used for Balinese dancers and during Balinese weddings. At last we will visit to a Balinese house compound to join a typical Balinese activities such as making offerings and you will be taught an introduction to traditional Gamelan or Rindik music.

Wedding blessing

You will be warmly welcomed by your local host at d’Umah Bali. Umah is a Balinese word meaning “home”. Afterward, you will get the Balinese treatment Lulur, a body scrub with herbs and spices traditionally performed before wedding ceremony. The experience continues with “Mandus ke Tukad” the traditional way to wash, still practiced today by some Balinese, by going to the river and making sure to get clean using this ancient natural way. When back to the house, the experience will continue with Mepayas make up, hair dressing and dress up to make you looks gorgeous with Balinese traditional attire for your wedding procession. Then we will do Natab, a blessing ceremony for the bride and the groom which will lead by an Hindu’s Priest. Then bride and groom will enjoy a Rajalaya Dinner with Balinese menu accompanied by the traditional “Rindik” instrumental music.

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